In 1809 six business men, among them, Ebenezer Tyler from Pawtucket, RI, Nehemiah Dodge and Abner Dagett, from Providence, RI, selected a site along the Ten Mile River for a new mill. This mill was one of the first hundred cotton mills in the US.

It first started under the name Attleborough Manufacturing Company, but was later changed to Tyler Manufacturing Company in 1812. Nehemiah Dodge and his son John C. Dodge bought the mill with two other investors in 1822, changing the name again, this time to N. & J. C. Dodge Company. Under the new father and son partnership the mill thrived for many years.

The original building was 3 stories, with a large expansion happening in 1829, when the Dodges added 96 feet to the mill. At the time 4000 spindles, and 92 power looms where housed in the mill. It also employed 130 people.


By 1840 the father son partnership had dissolved, and his son John bought his shares of the company. Over the next 10 years several additions were made to the mill, and the number of power looms was increased to 136.

In later years the mill and firm suffered loses and reverses and the mill was sold at a public auction in June of 1854.

After the first world war the textile mill was shuttered completely and it’s equipment liquidated. Over the years other businesses would try and utilize the mill till it was abandoned in 1984.

By 2006 the mill was sold again and is now in the process of being preserved as a historical land mark.

The local convenience store, across the street from the burial ground, which is down the road from the mill even bears the family name.


Buried on the island:
Adelaide (Orne) Dodge 31Jan 1838 – 5 Feb 1841
Arthur Crawford Dodge ? Dec 1829 – ? Jun 1836
Asenath (Orne) Dodge 14 May 1800 – 5 Dec 1839
Cornelia (Henshaw) Dodge ? – 24 Apr 1848
Edward Stockton Dodge 18 Jan 1834 – 1 Oct 1907
Elizabeth Dodge 30 Sep 1824 – 29 Oct 1906
Ellen (Crawford) Dodge 17 Jan 1819 – 7 Oct 1819
Eugene Pickering Dodge 18 Apr 1832 – 2 May 1836
Francis Green Dodge 1836 – 3 Mar 1836
George Henry Dodge Sr. 4 Feb 1820 – 19 May 1836
Col. John C. Dodge Jr. 22 Oct 1823 – 5 Oct 1905
John Crawford Dodge 2 Apr 1798 – 29 Jan 1856
Martha Ann Dodge 1 Jan 1820 – 9 Dec 1898
Mary (Stevens) Dodge ? – 23 Sep 1847
Sarah Dodge ? – 20 Sep 1859
Almira C. Dodge ?-?
Emma Theresa Dodge ? – 16 Nov 1843


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Grave stones and cemetery sign are from my personal photographs.