Recommended Readings

Here you can find a list of recommended books to aid genealogists of any level.

bookhandwriting Reading Early American Handwriting 

By Kip Sperry

This book designed to teach you how to read and understand the handwriting found in documents commonly used in genealogical research. It explains techniques for reading early American documents; provides samples of alphabets and letter forms; defines terms and abbreviations commonly used in early American documents such as wills, deeds, and church records; and, furthermore, presents numerous examples of early American records for the reader to work with

This book can be found on Amazon: Reading Early American Handwriting

The Family Tree Problem Solverbookfamtree-problem

By Marsha Hoffman Rising

This book contains solutions to help you find the answers you seek.

Inside you’ll find: ideas on how to find vital records before civil registration, tips for finding ”missing” ancestors on censuses, and instructions for investigating collateral kin to further your pedigree

This book can be found on Amazon: The Family Tree Problem Solver

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